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With a track record of success to meet your every business need, we focus on finding the gaps and strive for the solutions accordingly.


1. Native App Development
2. Cloud Solutions
3. iOS Swift Development
4. Android Java Development
5. Api Integrations
6. Ui & Ux Services
1. Social Media Strategies
2. Google & FB Ads campaigns
3. Logos, Brand Guidelines
4. Printing Material Design
5. SM Marketing Action Plans
6. Ui & Ux Designing
1. Infrastructure Audit
2. Health check
3. Architecture and Design
4. SOE (Standard Operating Environment) Development
5. Storage Assessment
6. Advanced Escalation Consulting
7. Disaster Recovery Planning
8. Penetration Testing
1.Corporate Governance Advisory
& Opinion
2. Corporate Governance Design
3. Statutory and Regulatory Compliance
4. Assessment of Compliance to Relevant Governance Codes and Best Practices
5. Board and Audit Committee
6. Corporate Structuring and
7. Secretarial Practices
8. Pre-incorporation Advisory
9. Internal Audits
1.Financial Advisory – Including valuations
& Business Plans
2. Lead Advisory
3. Analysis of Financial Statement
4. Accounting, Booking Keeping & Reporting Services
5. Project Finance
6.Corporate Finance
7.Acquisitions and Mergers
8. Restructuring and Reorganization Services
9. IFRS9 (ECL Services)
10. Actuarial Services
11. Investment Pitch & Presentation
1. Business Planning & Setup Support
2. Market Entry & Growth Strategies
3.Business Analysis
4.Feasibility Studies
5.Strategic Planning
6. Business Transformation
1. Outsourcing Developers
2. Outsourcing LMS Staff
3. Outsourcing Accounting Staff
4. Outsourcing E-Learing Trainers

Our Tech World

Kixx Lubricant App

Stark Advisers (SA) have a team of professionals who have created high end Mobile Application “Kixx Lubricants”, by using advanced tools and modern techniques of Ecommerce & Web development in an economical budget. We have created diverse experience in turning Business Problem into Solution by developing interactive platform where clients can drive to the nearest recommended oil change shop, gain more value for their money, keep a track of maintenance, earn benefits and let others benefit from it as well.


Shahid Afridi Needs no Introduction, An International Star and One of the best Cricketer Pakistan has ever Produced. Now it’s time for Shahid Afridi to go on Digital Stage, Stark Advisers as an Innovative Solution Company developed, Lalajaan is One Merchandise App which showcase Shahid Afridi as a Brand which highlight’s its various Innovative Products like Bath & Body, Fragrances, Watches Eyewear, Naming Few.


Stark Advisers (SA) Leading Towards Technologies in Ecommerce & Web
Has Developed many Mobile Apps and Ecommerce platforms, Sar3a is one with one unique Idea of Selling Household Items in Packages, Sar3a provides you with all your food needs (meat, poultry, vegetables, fresh and frozen fruits), consumer products (cleaning tools, etc.) and household utensils, in the form of packages at competitive and Sar3a prices.

Qareebi Dukaan

Stark Advisers intended to be a Forerunner in E Commerce World Conceptualized the Idea of Qareebi Dukaan which is a B2C platform where you can register your Local Business, and you start selling for free. You can Showcase your inventory to buyers nearby and grow your business Locally! This Powerful Concept will improve the Localized Market allowing Retailers to have Online Access to Sell their Products with more Ease and Convenience.